We have global reach
Access to investors and sellers all over the world
We achieve the best cash value for our clients
Relentless entrepreneurial spirit
We specialise in finding the best targets globally
Unparalleled local knowledge
M&A transactions on a global basis
We connect businesses worldwide
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"Our mission is to maximize the value of businesses,
at all times during their life cycle"


We specialise in corporate finance deals and transactions between Italian and foreign businesses

We are an advisory firm providing corporate finance and M&A services, as well as strategic business development expertise, in a variety of industries, with a specific knowledge of the Italian market.

The benefits we bring to non-Italian clients are: 

- a clear understanding of the Italian marketplace, on which to base investment decisions;

- a strategic overview of opportunities and main players in the Italian market;
- important industry relations;
- extensive experience in working with large non-Italian corporations.

With respect to specific business situations, we provide concrete, independent assessments of:

- what can be done and how;

- what cannot be done and why.

Our assignments generally include:

- buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions;
- searching and finding strategic partners;

- strategic positioning assessments.

In the context of every project, we typically provide an initial recommendation, which defines the scope of work, and take ownership.

We operate autonomously, but strictly within the client's mandate and in full consistency with the client's communication lines and procedures. 

We are founding members of Globalscope - 55 advisers in 48 Countries

Today’s complex transactions create the need for expert advice in both domestic and international markets.

For more than 30 years Globalscope members have excelled at advising our clients in selling, buying and financing businesses. 

Our global reach enables us to serve our clients' financial requirements wherever needed. 

Our global family of members are relentless entrepreneurs themselves, so we leave no stone unturned in getting the best deal for our clients. We use our in depth knowledge of local markets, corporate and financial investors in every sector to deliver the best value.

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On top of all the qualities one would expect from world-class corporate finance advisors – negotiating skills, transaction experience,
business conceptualisation, sector knowledge – , Globalscope partners excel in the multicultural context.
They have extensive international relations and profound familiarity with the global environment.
Globalscope partners are masters in bridging cross-cultural gaps.
They strive to establish sound relationships between buyer and seller,
not only in view of a closing, but also for the benefit of post-closing relations.
In today’s world, this is a most needed quality and a competitive advantage.
Lorella Donadio - Chief Financial Officer - ROTAIR  S.p.A. | Caraglio, Italy

In my very first meeting, I was so attracted to the educational background and to the experience of the Globalscope people. 
A really remarkable group - very talented ... who are able to conduct an M&A transaction on an international basis.
John Sloan - USA

Our expertise and our strength is that we get deeply involved with our clients, to understand their business and get to know their culture.
We actually get into the shoes of our client trying to figure out what he would be thinking ...
Pankaj Bhuwania - RCS Advisors, India

If you are working with international investors, there are always two elements to a deal. 
There is the technical side: making sure that the process and the transaction is run the proper way.
And there is the intercultural side: people on both sides of the table, they need trust and this is something that we can achieve.
Michael Moritz - Carlsquare, Germany

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